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SL-1500C-W Premium Class Direct Drive Turntable SL-1500C-W Premium Class Direct Drive Turntable
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€ 979,00 € 1.199,00
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N100 N100
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€ 799,00
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SC-C70MK2 Premium Class Music System SC-C70MK2 Premium Class Music System
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€ 878,40 € 999,00
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18 Jun 2024
Built For PowerWhen someone of Steve Guttenberg’s stature recommends our Classic 98 as “for $1399 you’re not gonna get an amplifier that does it like this does… this is going to deliver more of a sonic upgrade than any other component you can buy for $1399,” one tends to take that seriously as a design team.So, what did we do? We set about building Classic 99. Yeah, we’re gluttons for punishment.The brief was clear from the start—not always the case at the outset of a new project. Sometimes, it takes a more meandering journey as various options are explored. In this case, we knew the clear a..
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11 Jun 2024
Active or powered loudspeakers seem to be gaining ground in the wireless world that so many music lovers choose. The sort of powered speakers that are making headway tend to be more about keeping costs down and features up, but that is changing; there are now some respectable speaker makers building wireless and sometimes genuinely active speakers for a market with limited space and a fear of cables. ATC have been making active loudspeakers for almost as long as they have been in business, which started in the seventies with drive units and progressed to full loudspeakers of the pro variety in..
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04 Jun 2024
Hegel H190v streaming amp for vinyl loversHaving secured the very first UK review sample of the Hegel’s new H190v (v for vinyl), the immediate observation is that a moving magnet phono stage has been added and so we have an additional pair of RCA connectors alongside a ground tag on the rear panel. Other than that it’s cosmetically identical except that this one is in matte black whereas my reference H190 is white. That’s coming soon for the revised design although I think I prefer the black, it’s more discreet. Sound qualityAll the reports I’ve heard is that it works extremely well with an MM..
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28 May 2024
The ATC SCM11 speakers are recognized for their exceptional sound clarity and balance, making them top-tier speakers for audiophiles.Known for precise and detailed sound reproduction, this model provides extraordinary sound fidelity, ideal for demanding music and home cinema systems. With a robust construction and elegant design, the ATC SCM11 combines aesthetics and functionality, ensuring long-lasting quality and visual appeal. As a high-quality stereo speaker, the SCM11 offers accurate bass, clear mid-tones, and crystal-clear highs, making every listening experience exceptional.ATC SCM 11Ne..

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