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COPLAND AUDIO prides itself in producing a limited range of exquisite audiocomponents

Ole Møller is the founder and principal designer of the Copland audio company, based in central Copenhagen, Denmark. Decades of experience in the field of audio electronics is incorporated into his work and Copland is recognized worldwide for the development of class-leading amplifiers and cd-players that has earned the company a worldwide fan base of enthusiastic audiophiles, as well as a host of press accolades and prestigious industry awards.

Ole began his career in the audio industry working for the renowned Danish audio manufacturing company Ortofon, specializing in pick-ups for record players, cutter heads and amplifiers for the recording industry. At the time he became assigned to the development of low noise amplifiers, focusing on the minute signals from MM and MC pickups. Founded in the mid-1980s, the establishment of the Copland audio company gave Ole Møller the opportunity to progress on his own work of audio engineering with special dedication to valves as active devices. He realized that advances in technology during the last decades offered new possibilities for circuit optimisation, using components and technology mainly unavailable for the previous designers of tube amplifiers.

The CSA100 integrated amplifier is a part of the latest work by Copland, aiming to combine the advantages of tubes and transistor amplification using the synectic design concept that previously has made Copland hybrid amplifiers widely acclaimed. The CSA150 provides four digital inputs, five analog..
€ 4.200,00
ex VAT:€ 3.442,62
The CSA150 is the top model in the new line of Copland CSA series amplifiers. Under dynamic conditions this current feedback power plant will deliver several times its rated power - enough to drive almost any loudspeaker.  The CSA150 provides four digital inputs, five analogue inputs and a 150 Watt..
€ 5.200,00
ex VAT:€ 4.262,30
Created for the dedicated music lover, the CSA70 is designed to provide exceptional audio performance that belies its power rating and price. The CSA70 provides four digital inputs, three analogue inputs, line out function, as well as pre-out terminal, front facing 6.3mm headphone output, and a 70 W..
€ 2.990,00
ex VAT:€ 2.450,82
The amplifier is the interface between your signal sources and the speaker system, whatever is lost at this position is lost forever and conversely, whatever is introduced is also amplified. Amplifiers are also products for everyday use. Some successfully deviate from the conventional, they remind u..
€ 6.900,00
ex VAT:€ 5.655,74
THE COMPACT SOLUTION – MINIATURIZATION NEVER QUITE MADE IT TO COPLAND   There is nothing like an excellent tube amplifier. An amplifier that simultaneously offer a midrange that is open and clear, highs with an unconstrained mobility and acceleration, and a deep, tight and free flowing bass reprod..
€ 6.300,00
ex VAT:€ 5.163,93
UNIVERSAL HIGH RESOLUTION DAC, PRE-AMPLIFIER, HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER The digital revolution has made music easily accessible. Thanks to the convenience and impressive sound quality of computer sourced digital music files, many audiophiles consider their personal computer or laptop as their primary audi..
€ 2.200,00
ex VAT:€ 1.803,28