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What we do best
Sound reproduction that shows respect to music is our primary goal and this is why we do not believe in compromise when it comes to quality. Carefully selected brands of hi-fi and high-end products that we work with are among the best in the world and form the leading edge of the contemporary audio electronics, professional and monitoring & mastering gear market.
The creation of music is a complex process and listening to it a multi-layered, intimate experience. This makes us base our work on an extremely personal approach that includes dialogue and custom-made solutions in tune with your ears. We make and take time for you and your needs, your music taste and the spatial parameters of your living, working or studio quarters.
We guide you through the correct placement and upgrade of your system's power supply and provide advice on how to optimize room acoustics in order to help your audio system make better use of its performance and bring you closer to the true pleasure of a high-fidelity listening experience. By working with us you will allow your listening room to develop its full potential and make your studio hours easier, faster and more accurate.
Everything starts with an idea

We usually describe music as a form of art, entertainment or the harmonious opposite of noise and associate it with pleasure. However, do you know how to enjoy it to the fullest? Pay us a visit and you will get the best of music by developing a sophisticated approach to in-depth, mindful and quality listening worthy of your time.

Architecture of sound systems

The choice of size, power and design of your audio system depends on the architecture of the environment you intend to place it in. Our mission is to guide you through the process of implementing the system into your interior and help you find the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. We also provide installation and system set up services

Best value for money

The price and quality of audio products are closely connected, which does not necessary mean that more expensive equipment is always the best choice. We will help you achieve the best balance between sound excellence and the amount of money you plan to invest into your sound system.

Clean electric power

Did you know that polluted electricity can have a negative impact on your sound system’s performance? Our solutions are extremely effective in neutralizing disturbances that affect electricity on its route from the power source to your home. They successfully reduce the levels of hum and overheating, properly secure your system and make your ears a lot happier.

Upgrade with REL subwoofer systems

We highly recommend it to all dedicated music lovers who wish to maintain high sound quality standards. A great subwoofer is essential when it comes to building a topnotch sound system, as it works hand in hand with your primary loudspeaker and takes advantage of room acoustics in order to widen its range and brighten up those elusive mid-tones.

Fine sound lies in the details

Why not get the most out of your music system by using the right approach and a selection of premium audio essentials? We offer a wide range of audiophile accessories for system tuning and sound enhancement – electric filters and distributors, hi-fi furniture and antivibration accessories, specialized power and audio cables, loudspeaker stands, acoustic harmonizers etc.

Optimisation of room acoustics

When it comes to acoustic design, we strive to create an environment that is free of sound distortion and echoes and has the potential to reduce external noise and sounds coming from the neighboring rooms. We provide detailed advice on the correct positioning of loudspeakers and subwoofers and perform systemic acoustic treatments for living and business premises.

Turntable specialists

Correct installation and setup are of essential importance when it comes to great analogue sound. They are also the added value available to all our turntable customers. In addition, we cater to all who wish to upgrade their vinyl experience to a higher level – by using everything from upgraded cartridges and mats, advanced phono amplifiers, isolation platforms, record pucks to vacuum and ultrasound cleaning machines.