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Croatia & Serbia


Marin Hraščanec

Marin's childhood and youth were marked by hours of play under his father's piano, lively exchange of records and information about new music releases on the street he grew up on and his formal music school education. All this resulted in a life dedicated to playing and listening to a wide range of music – everything from blues, rock, jazz to classical pieces and, eventually, in his deep dedication to piano jazz.

As part of »Praline & Fast Food« music group he published two albums with »Aquarius records« and collaborated and performed with a long line of other musicians such as Boško Petrović, Željko Kovačević, John Kruth, Tihomir Hojsak, Vojkan Jocić, Miroslav Evačić and others.

Being surrounded by music and musicians his whole life encouraged him to develop a keen sense and true love for the organic sound of instruments. This led him towards the world of hi-fi where unconditional vivacity and fidelity of sound reproduction are two of the most desired features a system for playing sound recordings can hope to achieve.

Being a multi-instrumentalist, pianist, guitarist, producer and author allowed him to use his knowledge in the fields of music production and professional and home audio industry. He also wrote a few original scores for documentary and animated films, is the cofounder of Jazz club Koprivnica and part of the organizational team running the »Fest Jazza« jazz festival, one of the largest open-air festivals in Croatia.



Dubravko Novosel

Dubravko is the founder and driving force of audioNovum. He is also the author of a 1999 hi-fi reference book titled »audioFiles« that was well received in regional audiophile and reviewer circles. In it he outlined his basic principles and a few technical solutions for audio system improvements, with the goal of trying to motivate audio enthusiasts to pay more attention to the way they handle, use and incorporate audio components into their sound systems.

Even today, he firmly believes that the basic function of hi-fi devices is very simple and that the majority of audiophiles have no idea that the correct usage of audio components is quintessential when it comes to achieving great sound or that merely connecting the system to a power outlet is not enough.

He has been involved with different parts of the audio world throughout his life. From 2001 to 2012 he was a distributor for the Californian brand Veritone Minimum Phase Speakers (VMPS), in 2013 he constructed his own loudspeaker system named OZ – an active open buffle loudspeaker that is capable of levelling the tonal balance and modifying its performance according to its position in the room. The system represents an excellent example of optimization that is perfectly applicable to other audio systems.

From 2014 and 2017 he participated in the Sonus Elite project run by Sonus Art audio store in Zagreb and in 2019 finally took advantage of his knowledge and experience and set up his own audio business venture.



Nemanja Stanojević

He has been driven by his wish to provide his customers with the perfect sound and unparalleled hi-fi experience for more than 20 years, years marked by growing business and constant learning. During this time, he has tackled projects that range from private apartments, houses, yachts, restaurant and club sound systems to the world of professional music production – radio and television studios in need of new studio monitors, orchestras and music groups, concert halls and stadiums in need of specialized sound solutions.

He sees the perfect sound as an imperative; in his eyes, quality knows no alternative. The success of Acoustic Design is reflected in the long list of satisfied customers and deep trust of partner companies that hold leading positions in the world audio industry and whose achievements in hi-fi audio are considered synonyms for great sound.

His high-end and professional audio equipment distribution network covers the territories of Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.

A wide range of products, detailed knowledge and well-established distribution network enable the company to provide all customers and clients with technologically advanced products of the highest quality and a straightforward path to the upgrading of an existing system and better sound.