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Step into an Era of Authenticity with the 2MR Mono Cartridge, thoughtfully crafted with a stylus' tip that features an R 18µm Nude Spherical diamond to perfectly suit the intricacies of playing mono microgroove LP vinyl records. Immerse yourself in the authentic nostalgia of mono vinyl records brought to life with the 2M Mono.

Embark on an Elevated Mono Experience with the 2M Mono Cartridge. Designed to bring out the best in your mono microgroove LP vinyl records, it features a stylus tipped with an R 18µm Nude Spherical diamond. This engineered feature is an optimal solution for playing mono microgroove LP vinyl records and is ideal for achieving exceptional playback quality and capturing the essence of vintage mono soundscapes.

The 2MR Mono features a high-performance motor system with quad coils and Ortofon’s very own invention: the split pole pins. The 2MR Mono uses a strapped output to deliver the same output signal from both sets of pole pins. This effectively eliminates the need for mono-specific equipment, making it possible to enjoy true mono reproduction on any stereo playback system.

The 2MR Mono 2MR features a specially designed cartridge housing tailored for turntables and tonearms like Rega matching their requirement for low-form factor cartridges. With its narrow cartridge housing, it seamlessly integrates without a need for modifications or spacers under the tonearm, enabling quick and easy mounting with just two screws.

A tribute to the Beatles
Leif Johannsen, Ortofon Chief Officer of Acoustics and Research, reveals the story behind the MONO cartridges featuring the 2M Mono SE, which was specifically created as a tribute to the Mono Beatles album Set released in 2014.
The Beatles have an important place in many music lovers’ hearts, and Ortofon is honoured to ensure high quality, modern replay from the new Mono Box Set.

  • Brand: ORTOFON
  • Model: ortofon_2mr_mono

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