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SL-1500C-W Premium Class Direct Drive Turntable Direct drive
SL-1500C-W Premium Class Direct Drive Turntable Direct drive
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SL-1500C-W Premium Class Direct Drive Turntable Direct drive
SL-1500C-W Premium Class Direct Drive Turntable Direct drive

SL-1500C-W Premium Class Direct Drive Turntable

Elegant premium turntable Technics SL-1500C-W that plays music in all its beauty thanks to phono equalization via various components.

Precise, stable synchronization and powerful drive torque

When it comes to audiophile sound quality, the SL-1500C is in no way inferior to the larger Technics turntable models. It is based on the direct drive motor with a single rotor, whose stator does not require iron cores. Undesirable irregularities in the rotation due to the so-called cogging torque are thus avoided in principle. The driving power of the rotor magnets of this motor has been pushed to the limit. The SL-1500C's chassis has a high-end turntable-like cabinet construction as an essential component to prevent vibration. The die-cast aluminum chassis is bonded to an ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer) plastic construction reinforced with fiberglass. The two-layer construction thus achieved offers rigidity and vibration damping at the highest level. The isolator consists of a spring and rubber for optimal vibration damping. In addition, reliability has been improved through the use of a detachable power cord and gold-plated connectors for the phone and line connections. The result is a reproduction of the music in all its beauty and authenticity.

Phono equalization for easy connection to various components

The SL-1500C has a built-in, high-quality phono equalizer for MM (moving magnet) pickup systems and can therefore be easily connected to audio devices that do not have a phono input. The separate power supply for the phono equalization is decoupled from the power supply of the motor and control circuitry to avoid noise pickup. The shielded structure of the power supply prevents external interference. The result is undisturbed signal amplification. A pair of unequalized outputs also allows the SL-1500C to be connected to amplifiers that have a phono input. All these measures guarantee uninterrupted enjoyment of music. Just like the supplied universal headshell of the SL-1500C and the perfectly adjusted MM cartridge Ortofon 2M RED. The tonearm height can be varied within a range of 6mm to accommodate a wide range of cartridges. The additional weight supplied allows the use of pickups with a weight of 14.3 to 25.1 g (including the headshell).

Automatic tone arm lift

Once the tonearm has reached the inner end of the record, the Auto-Lift raises the tonearm. This avoids unnecessary wear and tear on both your valuable records and the pickup and increases ease of use. Embedding the auto-lifter function in the tonearm base eliminates impact on the tonearm. This function can be switched off if required.

Elegant, timeless design

The SL-1500C features a no-frills, elegant design. At the same time, however, it offers the full operating feel that characterizes all Technics products. The attractive exterior enriches the high level of musical enjoyment visually to the highest degree.

  • Brand: TECHNICS
  • Model: technics_sl1500c-w

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