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BLACKBIRD Turntables
BLACKBIRD Turntables
BLACKBIRD Turntables
BLACKBIRD Turntables
BLACKBIRD Turntables
BLACKBIRD Turntables
BLACKBIRD Turntables
BLACKBIRD Turntables


The idea
... was obvious. The design of the smaller brother offered incentives to build a larger drive on this basis. Since there are many enthusiasts who want to operate two tonearms in parallel, we have taken up this topic. It should not only be an "upscaling" of the existing concept, but also set new accents in addition to the already well-known ease of use.

The mission
... was to further develop on the technical basis of the Woodpecker and to advance into new dimensions. Operating two tonearms was one requirement, but the drive had to be refined again. For this purpose we have modified the control of the Woodpecker and operate the two motors in a kind of "master-slave" con guration.

The arrangement at 180° to each other ensures that the platter is driven tangentially - one-sided traction is not possible and thus wobbling movements of the platter are reduced to an absolute minimum.

This is accompanied by a further reduction in rumbling noises. The synchronization accuracy could be increased again compared to the Woodpecker.

The result
... is an even higher level of sovereignty in the sound - excellent measured values and a timeless appearance, paired with the simplest handling. As a world first, we have implemented an integrated template with the Blackbird, with which you can easily adjust your tonearm and cartridge. You will be amazed how easy adjustment can be.

The sound
... sovereign, dynamic, powerful and yet neutral. It doesn't matter which tonearm you use, you can immerse yourself in the fascination of music, because you have the certainty that not even the smallest detail of your black treasures will be withheld from you. Forget all technology, enjoy music in all its beauty!

Technical specifications
Belt-driven turntable with two motors for two tonearms
Quick-change system for tonearms
Integrated adjustment template
Dimensions: 530 mm x 420 mm x 150 mm
Armboard right: 205 - 320 mm center distance (9 - 13 inch effective length)
Armboard left (optional): 205 - 240 mm center distance ( 9 - 10 inch effective length)
Weight: 17.5 kg (chassis), 22 kg (without tonearm)
Warranty: 2 years (chassis and electronics), 5 years (platter bearing)

The retail price is for the basic version without the tonearm.

Informative price:
€ 6.590,00