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AURA 2 Stands Stands

AURA 2 Stands

AURA 2 Stands
The Wharfedale AURA 2 Speaker Stands have been meticulously crafted to complement the AURA 2 loudspeaker, a remarkable addition to the renowned AURA series.

With a height of 560mm (on plinth) and dimensions of 286mm x 352mm (with terminals), these stands have been precision-engineered from high carbon stainless steel using laser-cut technology.

Engineered to serve as the ideal foundation for the AURA 2 loudspeaker, these stands offer both stature and stability, effectively minimizing vibrations and resonance from the speaker’s cabinet. This isolation from the floor and surroundings significantly enhances the loudspeaker’s performance.

AURA 2 Stands are designed to harmonize with the natural, wide bandwidth performance characteristic of AURA 2 speakers. Moreover, it serves as a piece of furniture that the owner can rightfully take pride in.

Dimensions (H x W x D) mm
560 (on plinth) x 286 x 352 with terminals

The retail price is for 1 pair.

Informative price:
€ 999,00