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LRS+ Floorstanding
LRS+ Floorstanding
LRS+ Floorstanding
LRS+ Floorstanding


Following in the footsteps of the highly acclaimed LRS, the LRS+ takes it up a notch.

2-way floorstanding loudspeaker system

Magnepan’s newest entry-level speaker replaces the old MMGi. Designed from the ground up, the LRS+, or Little Ribbon Speaker, is a full-range quasi-ribbon speaker. Thus, it is a speaker completely different from its predecessor – more coherent, and much more like the larger models.

Technical differences between the LRS and its predecessor:
All versions of the MMG were generically planar-magnetic – wires connected to a non-conducting membrane. The LRS+, in contrast, is a ribbon speaker. Or, as we prefer to describe it, quasi-ribbon, since to us, the only true ribbon is the original aluminum-foil variety.

Unlike both the SMG and MMG that were designed for the limitations of receivers with relatively low power and low current capability, the LRS+ was created using high-end electronics and mono blocks. It will perform nicely with a receiver, but was intentionally designed to extract the most from high-end amplifiers and electronics. In contrast to most entry-level speakers, the LRS expects more from a properly designed high-current amplifier. Put your expensive high-end amplifier on the LRS+, and you will hear the difference!

Once you have tried a Magneplanar in your home, the probability is high that you will become a lifelong Maggie enthusiast.

All Magnepan speakers are meticulously crafted by hand in Minnesota, USA.

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€ 1.450,00

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