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1.7i Floorstanding
1.7i Floorstanding
1.7i Floorstanding
1.7i Floorstanding


After a 12-year history, reaching a near-iconic standing, the Magneplanar 1.6 has been improved with value engineering.
No costly tweaks of questionable sonic value. Magnepan is all about better ideas which give high-value sonic improvements that can be verified in blind-fold testing. The 1.7 is a departure from Magnepan's 40-year history of using planar magnetic drivers for the bass or lower midrange. The use of quasi ribbon technology down into the lower midrange and bass will provide a new level of coherence. What is a quasi-ribbon? The quasi ribbon driver is a deviation from the true ribbon design. A very thin film backing is used to hold the delicate ribbons in place. One of the advantages of quasi ribbon drivers is extremely wide frequency band width and high power handling. The result in the 1.7 is low distortion and seamless ribbon clarity--a sound so clear and effortless that is has changed the thinking of thousands of audiophiles about planar speakers. The 1.7 also boasts a quasi ribbon super tweeter with a wider "sweet spot," and one step closer to the delicacy and detail of Magnepan's true ribbon design. A new, modern styling with wrap-around aluminum trim on the 1.7 is also a departure from Magnepan's more conservative cosmetic styling. The standard wood trims of the 1.6 are available upon special order. The total design concept for the Magneplanar 1.7 results in a speaker that measures exceptionally well by all the standard criteria, but more important, sounds even better.
"This is a genuine Hall of Fame, and an easy pick for TAS 2021 Budget Product of the Year."
In Issue 107, JV (Jonathan Valin - the absolute sound) selected Magnepan's tall, skinny, three-way, full range, quasi-ribbon, dipole MG 1.7 floorstander as one of his favorite loudspeakers of the last 70 years.  High in resolution, low in distortion, with enough bass and treble (of superlatively high quality) to satisfy anyone save a headbanger, and a midrange that reproduces well-recorded voices and acoustic instruments with jaw-dropping realism, it is one of those "sweet-spot" wonders that pops up every decade or two.  The 1.7 gave you a generous taste of everything its bigger and more expensive Maggie brothers were capable of for a fraction of what you'd pay for the same wonderment in a top-line dynamic speaker.  In his review of Maggie's latest version of this classic, the 1.7i, long time TAS reviewer John Nork (who purchased the review pair) was in complete agreement.
Description: 3-Way, Full-Range, Quasi-Ribbon
Frequence Response: 40-24 kHz  
Sensitivity: 86dB / 500Hz / 2.83v
Impedance: 4Ohm
Dimensions inch: 65inch(height) x 19inch(width) x 2inch(tickness)
Dimensions centimeter: 166cm(height) x 49cm(width) x 5cm(tickness)

TRIM: Natural Oak Black Oak Dark Cherry Silver Aluminum Black Aluminum
FABRIC: Off White Cherry White Black Dark Grey

Informative price:
€ 4.390,00