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C6C Centre

ATC Loudspeaker Technology
C6C Centre Speaker

Compatible ATC products for surround sound system: SCM50, SCM100, SCM150.
Twin ATC 234mm SL bass drivers.
ATC SM-150s Dome mid driver.
Massive shielded motor assemblies.
In-house, hand wound precision flat wire coils.
ATC 350 Watt Class A (to 2/3 max power).
Active filters and overload.
6 Year warranty.
Any veneer to order. Featured veneer: Cherry.

Recommended Configuration
Front Channels SM50ASLT
Rear Surround SM20ASLT
Centre Channel C6 Active Centre
Sub Bass C6 Sub
Upgrade Path SCM100 or 150 (Front left/right)
1 x additional C6 Sub
SCM50 or 100 (Rear Surround)

Informative price:
€ 16.199,00