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EVO3 ISO PLUG Essential Accessories


The IsoPlug forms the first line of defence against mains noise – simply plug the device in any spare wall sockets and switch the socket on. Its design builds upon the industry standard of a delta filter configuration across the three poles of the mains, delivering highly effective results when plugged next to noisy appliances like fridges, computers and so on. IsoPlug also features over-voltage protection.

Simply plug the IsoPlug into any UK 13A socket, European shuko or U.S. three pin next to, or as close as possible, to any domestic appliance that produces, or is suspected of producing noise. This will prevent it from polluting the mains in the rest of your home. Use the IsoPlug to eliminate mains noise so that your Hi-Fi or A/V system can perform at its best. More than one IsoPlug can be used to reduce mains noise further. We suggest that you should start with the socket next to your system, and then position additional IsoPlugs near noisy appliances, fridge freezer, computers, etc.

There is no harm in experimentation. Make sure your plug socket switch is in the on position. Although the IsoPlug works brilliantly on its own further benefits can be achieved when more than one are used together.


  • Removes Common Mode and Differential Mode mains noise.
  • Shunts mains noise away from your sensitive audio components.
  • Can be deployed next to devices that create mains noise.
  • Useful and cost effective way to upgrade a standard mains distribution block.
  • 8,000A of instantaneous protection.

Technical specifications

  • Mains voltage: 100 - 240VAC
  • Mains frequency: 50 - 60Hz
  • Protection: 8,000A
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 50 x 60 x 45mm
  • Weight: 120g

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