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PRESTIGE EXACT 2 Anti-vibration devices


Equipment feets with many nuances in detail and an excellent performance. The energy from the device can be removed easily and in this corpus will then be reduced without vibrations that penetrate the underground. In combination with the optimized footprint these absorbers are a good medium to facilitate a better acoustic pattern to Hifi-device, especially CD-players, tube devices and preamplifier as well as loudspeaker will benefit of them.

The big brother of the Exact 1. A larger housing, the optimized material mix and the resonance lead on the ball support, the Exact 2 is slightly better than the Exact 1 in all respects, without neglecting its precise three-dimensionality and differentiated dynamics. The Exact 2 sounds adult and can damp vibrations even better than the Exact 1. An expert in hi-fi devices and speakers.
With M4 thread for direct mounting.

Information for one absorber:

30 mm high
49 mm diameter
with M4 thread

Load capacity:
40 kg per absorber

The retail price is for 1 set (4 pieces).

Informative price:
€ 429,51