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D100 CD / SACD players
D100 CD / SACD players
D100 CD / SACD players
D100 CD / SACD players
D100 CD / SACD players
D100 CD / SACD players


Optical drive/CD ripper

The D100 is a highly advanced Japanese-technology optical drive that reads optical discs, such as CDs, with great precision.

Using a D100 to ‘rip’ CD collections onto a Melco library or hard drive, allows for optimum data transfer in archive quality. The D100’s Melco-branded circuit board is further audiophile-optimised to deliver the highest performance ripping from CD.

The D100 can even be used as a high-precision CD transport into a USB DAC.

Half-width design to match N100 and N10 libraries
2 mm-thick under-chassis support for high rigidity
3.5 kg (almost 3x that of standard IT drives)
Melco’s Highly Stable Storage System to securely hold the drive mech
Dedicated PCB for capacitors and power supply
High-quality clock-generator for better signal transmission
HOST USB (type B) for N1 or PC to read the disc data.
DEVICE USB (type A for USB DAC playback)

Optical disc support
CD (CD-DA disc-read only)
DVD/BD (DVD/BD data disc read only)

USB ports
USB 3.0 Type A x 1 ‘TO DEVICE’
USB 3.0 Type B x 1 ‘TO HOST’

Compatible equipment
Melco N1, N10 and N100 series.
Windows 10 PC. Mac High Sierra OS

Power supply
DC 12 V (48 W AC adapter)

Size 215 x 61 x 269mm (W H L)
Weight 3.5 kg
Model Name D100-C (Silver), D100-CB (Black)

Informative price:
€ 1.349,00