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PA-1175 MKII Power
PA-1175 MKII Power
PA-1175 MKII Power
PA-1175 MKII Power

PA-1175 MKII



A class AB Power Amplifier with a selectable damping factor for easy matching with a wide variety of loudspeakers. It features a proprietary Optical BIAS that delivers high power with ultra-low distortion.

The Optical BIAS controls the voltage of the unit and features optical decoupling to overcome the downgrading solutions of traditional electronics. Analysing optically the signal while it gets completely separated from the audio signal path assures the highest protection and unbeatable performance. The PA-1175 MkII is built to minimise RFI and EMI (interferences), using massive panels of high-quality aluminium that feature the unmistakable Gold Note curved vent design. The BTL technology (Bridge-Tied-Load) allows the unit to be easily bridged in order to work as a mono amplifier. The remarkable 200W @ 8Ω per channel in stereo mode grow up to a considerable 520W per channel in mono. Pushing further the pure audio performance, it allows the PA-1175 MkII to drive easily the most demanding power speakers on the market.


The PA-1175 MkII power transformer is a special toroidal model featuring a unique cut spiral nucleus. The refined mechanical process makes the nucleus completely stable, canceling any mechanical vibration to guarantee a terrific performance and perfect insulation, while small secondary transformer powers the auxiliary functions with dedicated circuits outside of the audio path signal. The PA-1175 MkII features a proprietary adjustable Damping Factor technology that can be easily selected from the front panel. Setting the Damping Factor to 250 or 25 will let you find the ideal match with any kind of speaker. Use it at 250 to get the power and control necessary to drive large, low-sensitivity speakers, or set it at 25 to use the amplifier as if it was a low-power tube amplifier, perfect to drive high-sensitivity and mini-monitor speakers.

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