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4040 A Integrated
4040 A Integrated
4040 A Integrated
4040 A Integrated
4040 A Integrated
4040 A Integrated
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4040 A Integrated
4040 A Integrated
4040 A Integrated
4040 A Integrated
4040 A Integrated
4040 A Integrated

4040 A integrated amplifier with dac

“The 40th anniversary 4040 A integrated amplifier will suit the most demanding applications. Whether used in a domestic audio or desktop system, the feature-rich 4040 A is simple to use, yet luxurious in operation. Created to provide a totally immersive high-end experience”

“With five decades’ experience in the audio business, I have seen a lot of electronic developments in my time, but I am really excited about this major step forward in technology and musical performance”
Mike Creek – Creek Audio

The all-new 4040 A integrated amplifier has been designed to reprise the essence of the original 1982 – CAS4040. While huge technological advances and modern digital features have propelled the 4040 A into the 21st century, the listening pleasure it creates continues to release the same endorphins its ancestor did 40 years ago.

The 4040 A’s intuitive user interface and the sophisticated menu system is easily navigated either by remote control or rotary control knobs.

The “Feature Rich” 4040 A contains three analogue signal inputs, including two pairs of unbalanced RCA sockets and one pair of fully balanced XLR sockets. The electronic volume control enables precise 1dB adjustment over a 70dB range. Left/right balance, tone controls and EQ settings, further enhance its flexibility.

Vinyl music lovers can install an optional plug-in Sequel mk4 Phono Pre-amp in place of Aux 2 to match a wide range of Moving Magnet and high-output Moving Coil cartridges.

A dedicated headphone amplifier will drive a wide range of headphones via a front panel-mounted jack socket.

USB, coax SPDIF, optical Toslink, USB class 2 and aptX Bluetooth 5.0 increase the flexibility of this amplifier.

The 4040 A leverages the power of a premier grade ES9023 Sabre DAC to convert digital signals into analogue.

Modern, multi-driver loudspeakers using complex cross-over circuitry present a heavy demand on any amplifier. The 4040A employs cutting-edge MERUS TM technology to enable it to drive even the most difficult loads to realistic listening levels with high fidelity.

The key to the 4040A integrated amplifier’s impressive performance is in its high-frequency power supply, optimised for audio electronics, enabling the latent quality of its amplifier to be realised. The 4040A’s performance is unaffected by mains quality or voltage stability. Unlike most conventional amplifiers, its 250-Watt power supply is voltage stabilised, enabling it to double its power output each time the load impedance is halved, regardless of the mains voltage.

Signal sensing enables the 4040 A to reduce power consumption by powering down non-essential circuitry when not required.

The CREEK 4040A BLACK amplifier was only used for testing, is new, flawless, and under warranty.

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