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28 Nov 2023
New proprietary 12-inch driver, optimised motor mechanics and a 300W Class AB amplifier combine to deliver exceptional levels of performance for audiophile music and film devotees.World renowned for its signature high output, low-distortion audio engineering and trusted by musicians, studios, live sound engineers and audiophiles over five decades, The Acoustic Transducer Company (ATC) is proud to announce the production of the C4 Sub Mk 2 active subwoofer system. Designed to unite the highest standards of driver and electronics engineering in a single system, the C4 Sub Mk 2 deploys the all-ne..
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21 Nov 2023
Technics have hit a real sweet spot with the SA-C600. It is sensibly featured, easy to use and sounds surprisingly musical VerdictThat last sentiment holds for the SA-C600 in general. Usually, such systems are all about looks and features but Technics has shown that it is possible to add great sound into the mix. It is a really well-conceived product and fully deserves the What Hi-Fi? Awards wins that have followed. Highly recommended.- What Hi-Fi, October 2023Technics SA-C600What Hi-Fi..
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14 Nov 2023
The midrange and treble DPC-Array (Directivity Pattern Control) lies at the heart of the speaker in the Perlisten line. The stunning Perlisten S7t (review), my Favorite Speaker of 2021, outfit the Array with a Berrylium tweeter and a pair of Textreme TPCD (thin-ply carbon fiber) midrange drivers mounted in a wavy-shaped waveguide. A similar waveguide is employed in the R7t, but here a trio of 26mm silk dome drivers are used for tweeter and mid-range duties. The R7t also have pairs of bass drivers flanking the Array, over and under, but here we are looking at 4 165mm mixed long fiber hardwood, ..
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07 Nov 2023
SummaryThe D3 FILE PLAYER BY LUMIN is a resolving device with a wonderful timbre . He plays all types of music with commitment and flair. It has limitations, of course. They consist primarily in unclear further plans and in bringing different recordings closer together in terms of timbre. It will always be big, dense and warm sound. Even with such highly compressed material as the debut album of ROBBI ROBERTSON, the guitarist of Dylan and the guitarist of the co-creator of the band's songs - nomen omen - The Band.It's a great album, recorded with the participation of U2 and musicians Peter Gab..
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31 Oct 2023
Better By HalfIf you're a potential Perlisten customer aching to own the S7ts but unable to stretch your budget that far, fear not. The R7t is a brilliant runner's up prize and shows my earlier 'half as good' comment to be the flippant nonsense it was. These floorstanders share much of their flagship brethren's star qualities – including dynamic ability, low-end control and cavernous soundstaging – and in the area where they most notably 'suffer' in comparison, high-end detailing and clarity, their performance is superb for the money. Hi-Fi News VerdictA floorstander with the voluminous output..
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24 Oct 2023
Tau, Norway – October 23rd 2023 Electrocompaniet, the leading Norwegian manufacturer renowned for its high-quality HiFi equipment produced entirely within its own state-of-the-art facility in Norway, is excited to announce the launch of its cutting-edge mono power amplifier, the AW 300 M.As a frontrunner in audio technology and innovation, Electrocompaniet has taken a significant step forward with the AW 300 M, a meticulously re-engineered power amplifier designed from the ground up as a mono-only model. Building on the success of the AW 800 M, this new addition offers a more compact form fact..
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17 Oct 2023
Introducing the LUMIN D3 Network Music Player, now available from INTEK HI-FI, a leading distribution company specializing in premium audio systems. This latest addition combines cutting-edge processing hardware and software encased in a sleek, compact all-aluminum chassis. The D3 brings enhanced features and greater resampling flexibility while preserving the musicality of its highly acclaimed predecessors, the D1 and D2. Equipped with the latest LUMIN processing technology, the D3 boasts a fully balanced design and the smooth chassis surface found in LUMIN’s high-end P1 player. Music enthusi..
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10 Oct 2023
In many ways, the ATC SCM100ASLT is like the Bentley Continental GT of loudspeakers. It’s big, it’s very powerful, it’s luxuriously finished, it sounds like nothing else, and it’s very, very British. The ATC SCM100ASLT is an active British studio monitor in the most classic sense. Its transparency, range, and dynamic capabilities conspire to bring some of that large-scale in-studio magic to your listening room. ConclusionsThe ATC SCM100ASLT is essentially a classic active studio monitor, dressed up in the most sophisticated tailored suit. I am constantly flummoxed when I remember that they are..